19 Sep 2017

Kiribati MP exposes careless payment

8:41 pm on 19 September 2017

An MP in Kiribati says he is appalled by the payment procedure used by the finance ministry after an open cheque for about $US9000 was given to the wrong person.

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Photo: RNZ

The MP Tekiau Aretateta from Tabuaeran in the Line Islands said he went to the ministry last Friday to collect his cheque only to be told that it was issued to someone else.

Following notification from the bank that the cheque had been cashed, Mr Tekiau said he had to look for the culprit.

The MP said he confronted the man and threatened to involve the police if he refused to return the money.

Mr Aretateta got his money back minus $US300 already spent.

The staff member at the ministry who issued the cheque promised to refund the spent money from his own pocket.