Police probe Solomons' cult after arrow shooting

6:12 pm on 6 September 2017

Police in Solomon Islands are investigating a local cult after an Anglican Brother was shot with an arrow in Makira-Ulawa Province.

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Photo: RNZ/Koroi Hawkins

The Anglican Brother or "Tasiu" was shot in the ribs allegedly by members of the cult known only as "Platform" in the Rea Highlands in Central Makira last month.

In a statement police called for the leaders of the group to come forward and "discuss" the incident.

The Makira-Ulawa provincial police have deployed officers on the case but have not made any arrests so far.

They are appealing to people in the community not to take any retaliatory action but to work with the police to resolve the situation.

The Anglican Brother is understood to be recovering well from the arrow wound.