31 Aug 2017

Women's aspirations united for Bougainville referendum

5:52 pm on 31 August 2017

The North Bougainville women's MP says the aspirations of local women must be considered in the 2019 referendum on independence.

Francesca Semoso

Francesca Semoso Photo: Pacific Women in Business

Francesca Semoso is one of the organisers of a week-long women's unification forum in Buka.

The forum coincides with the commemoration of the signing of the Bougainville Peace Agreement which has also brought people to town.

She said women had gathered from all three regions of Bougainville to agree on a united approach to the 2019 vote.

She said participation had been good and ideas were forthcoming.

"The most important thing is to get our women and youth well informed to be able to make an informed decision come the 15th of June 2019."