Refugee with heart issues deported back to Manus

7:33 am on 31 August 2017

Australia has deported a 58-year-old Rohingyan refugee back to Papua New Guinea's Manus Island after he received healthcare for a heart problem.

The deportation is part of a crackdown on offshore detainees transferred to Australia for medical treatment.

The Manus Island detainee Ben Moghimi said the Rohingyan man wanted to return to the Manus Island detention centre at Lombrum

"They brought him back to the transit centre in Lorengau and he requested that 'put me in Lombrum, in detention,'" said Mr Moghimi.

But police said 'no, you will never go there anymore and you will need to stay here in transit centre.'"

The kurdish journalist and detainee Behrouz Boochani said the Rohingyan man walked 35 kilometres from Lorengau back to the detention centre but was arrested and returned.

He said the man was in Australia for 18 months and is still sick.

The UN refugee agency said about 400 refugees and asylum-seekers are in community detention in Australia, having been transferred from PNG and Nauru.

It said holding them offshore costs about 15 times more than detaining them in Australian communities.

100 awaiting healthcare in Port Moresby

Ben Moghimi said 106 men from Australia's detention centre were being held in a motel in the capital Port Moresby awaiting healthcare.

With the centre due to close at the end of October, Mr Moghimi said those transferred have been told they don't have to go back.

Manus Island detainees arrive at the Port Moresby motel.

Manus Island detainees arrive at the Port Moresby motel. Photo: Ben Moghimi

"They told us that 'you will go back to Manus as soon as your medical treatment finished. And if you want to go and stay in other places, that is up to you then you need to pay, we will not pay.'"

Ben Moghimi said the men doubt they will receive adequate healthcare in Port Moresby making their transfer suspicious.

"Some of them are still waiting like me, I have appointment tomorrow.

"It's just nothing could be done for some of us here, we knew that, I knew that. I think this is kind of suspicious and we are in limbo and they are trying to kill our souls and they are trying to ruin our minds."