30 Aug 2017

Push to improve profits for Bougainville cocoa growers

8:52 am on 30 August 2017

Artisan chocolate makers from Australia say they hope to improve the profits of cocoa growers by returning to next week's Bougainville chocolate festival.

People gather at a stall at the inaugural Bougainville Chocolate Festival

Crowds at least year's Bougainville chocolate festival Photo: Facebook

Canberra chocolatier Jasper and Myrtle sourced cocoa beans at last year's event which led to international awards for the company, and to a local grower's first exports.

This year the chocolatier is aiming to help growers improve their techniques to increase the premiums they can charge.

Jasper and Myrtle's Li Peng Monroe and Peter Channells said they would focus on improving the handling of the beans.

"What we're able to do by our involvement is to work with farmers to get them to improve - understand why - but to get them to improve their processes, and that will increase the price."

For more information about the chocolate festival, visit their [www.abg.gov.pg/index.php/events/view/the-chocolate-festival-is-back website]