28 Aug 2017

Many Guam police officers fail to meet new fitness standards

4:05 pm on 28 August 2017

Many of Guam's law enforcement officers are not fit enough to meet new standards, which could cost them their jobs.

Guam police

Photo: WikiCommons

The territory plans to introduce the new standards, based on those used by the US Air Force, by the year's end, but of 317 officers tested so far, 218 have failed.

The Pacific Daily News reports that the new law, introduced three years ago, requires police, fire and customs officers to be tested by December and if they fail, they risk losing their jobs.

But Senator Telena Nelson said if substantial numbers of officers lose their certification, the island's safety will be at risk.

She has introduced a bill to scrap the law and bring in easier, interim fitness standards - push ups, sit ups and a one mile walk or run - until a new programme is drawn up.

Ms Nelson said her bill would act as a transition, and officers will still be expected to work on their fitness.