Airline's landing rights in CNMI puts new flight plans in jeopardy

9:03 pm on 24 August 2017

The withdrawal of its landing rights at the Saipan's International Airport has put XTRA Airways' plan to launch flights between China and the Northern Marianas in jeopardy.

Saipan airport, CNMI

Saipan airport, CNMI Photo: Free google search image

XTRA Airways said the Federal Aviation Administration and the US Department of Transportation had already approved its China-Saipan route, but our correspondent said it now appeared that the landing rights had been given to Beijing Capital Airlines.

XTRA Airways plans to have three flights a week from China to the CNMI.

The Florida-based airline said it had already spent millions of dollars on the programme and had $US3 million worth of equipment under 24-hour guard at the airport in preparation for the flights and maintenance of its aircraft.