22 Aug 2017

Friday deadline for New Caledonia minister nominations

9:55 am on 22 August 2017

Political parties in New Caledonia have until Friday night to submit their candidates for the next collegial government.

The administration fell on Saturday when the budget minister Philippe Dunoyer resigned in favour of taking up the seat he had won in the French National Assembly.

New Caledonia's Budget Minister Philippe Dunoyer

New Caledonia's Budget Minister Philippe Dunoyer Photo: AFP

A single resignation requires Congress to elect a new government representing the parties in proportion to their strength in Congress.

Most of the 11 members are expected to be nominated to be returned to their portfolios.

Mr Dunoyer's Caledonia Together Party is yet to confirm a replacement for him.

The Caledonian Union, which said it would no longer support Anthony Lecren, is expected to nominate Didier Poidyaliwane in his place.

The election of the new government is to be held on 31 August.