Police say warring Engan tribes agree to truce

8:11 am on 16 August 2017

Papua New Guinea police say warring tribes in Enga province have agreed to lay down their arms to end weeks of deadly election-related violence.

Enga Provincial Police Commander Superintendent George Kakas.

Enga Provincial Police Commander Superintendent George Kakas. Photo: google+ / Kakas

According to Enga's police commander, George Kakas, at least people have died in violence since vote counting for the troubled Kandep Open seat began in early July.

The fighting has taken place around the Enga capital, Wabag, and has featured high-powered weapons.

Initially the fighting was between supporters of the two main, rival candidates for the Kandep seat: Alfred Manase, who was eventually declared victor, and Polye, the ousted MP.

However in the past fortnight the fighting has descended into guerilla warfare between factions of two local tribes, the Kii and the Kala.

Mr Kakas has told the national broadcaster, NBC, that following talks with tribal leaders, the warring parties have agreed to a truce.

He said security forces personnel would set up camp within the territory of both tribes for the next couple of days to ensure fighting abates.

According to the commander, Wabag remains in lockdown, with few businesses functioning.

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