Marshallese cabinet minister dies

1:39 pm on 9 August 2017

Marshall Islands cabinet minister Mattlan Zackhras has died after a sudden illness.

Mr Zachras was minister in assistance and was 47 years old.

President Hilda Heine announced his passing in a statement.

Dr Heine said her government, cabinet and the people of the Marshalls would like to express their thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Mr Zackhras.

She said Mr Zachras worked tirelessly at home and abroad on behalf of the islands he loved and he will be greatly missed.

Mattlan Zachras addressing a UN meeting

Mattlan Zachras addressing a UN meeting Photo: UN

Mattlan Zachras was first elected into parliament in 2004.

Recently he performed the duties of Acting President in the absence of Dr Heine.

Foreign Minister John Silk has taken over Mr Zackhras' duties until further notice.