8 Aug 2017

Officials meet to prepare for Pacific Forum summit

12:04 pm on 8 August 2017

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat is counting down to its 48th leaders' summit next month in Apia with a series of meetings for government officials this week in Samoa.

The two-day Forum Officials Committee meeting begins on Tuesday, which sets the agenda for the leaders to discuss.

Officials from the Small Island States are also meeting to look at progress on the five priority areas identified at last year's leaders' meeting in Palau.

There'll also be a meeting of the Forum's 14 countries who are members of the African Caribbean and Pacific group of nations that receives aid and development assistance from the European Union.

A key matter for that group to discuss is the establishment of a new deal to succeed the Cotonou Agreement, the funding arrangement which expires in 2020.

Foreign ministers will also meet to discuss working together to advance the Forum's foreign policy priorities and to strengthen the voice of the Pacific in international affairs.