3 Aug 2017

Gender and human rights must be in Vanuatu govt planning - review

2:39 pm on 3 August 2017
The market in Luganville, on Vanuatu's Santo.

The market in Luganville, on Vanuatu's Santo. Photo: Supplied / UN Women

The head of the team reviewing gender and human rights in Vanuatu says the team is trying to normalise such ideas in government policy and planning.

It was the first time Vanuatu was undergoing a Pacific Islands Forum review of policies and programmes.

The European Union was assisting with the initiative which began with a review of Nauru last month.

The review team was led by Tongan government economist Ma'u 'Alipate Leha who said a toolkit or checklist was being used to guide government planning.

She said it includes the consideration of issues like violence against women and women empowerment.

"When we are looking at mainstreaming and streamlining, there is a toolkit. How can everyone use this toolkit?"

"That is basically it. To me, it is not an overhaul it is just looking and seeing how we can best bring in these thematic areas to make sure and ensure it is a whole of government approach instead of a one ministry approach," she said.

The third Peer Review will be held in Palau next month.