UNDP look for schools in PNG to pilot new tsunami project

3:36 pm on 21 July 2017

The United Development Programme is on the search for schools in tsunami-prone areas in Papua New Guinea to trial a new tsunami preparedness project.

PNG is one of 18 countries piloting the new Tsunami Preparedness Project that will run for one year.

UNDP technical specialist, Khusrav Sharifov, said the aim of the small project, which will run in 3 to 5 schools of different levels, is increasing a students awareness about tsunamis and how to be better prepared for the natural disaster

Mr Sharifov said targeting schools will help spread the key messages to the wider community.

"Through school children obviously once you increase their awareness and knowledge about what to do and what not to do incase of tsunami and other disasters as well, they are really good informants in the community, so then they inform their families and other relatives, so this is one way to disseminate information."