14 Jul 2017

New Caledonia pharmacists plan unlimited strike

10:32 am on 14 July 2017

New Caledonia's pharmacists say they will launch an unlimited strike over the government's alleged breach of their agreement which had been worked out after more than a year's negotiations.

drugs in a pharmacy

Photo: AAP / David Crosling

Last week, the pharmacists went on strike for a day because they disagree with the government's new indexation which provides for a lowering of the cost of some drugs.

According to the public broadcaster, no firm date has been given for the latest strike because the pharmacists are waiting until the new government line-up is formally completed.

The government lost its budget minister Philippe Dunoyer last month when he won a seat in the French National Assembly.

The choice of a successor has to wait until the Congress meets next week.

However, before the Congress can vote for a new minister it has to renew its presidency under the rules of the collegial system enshrined in the Noumea Accord.