11 Jul 2017

Vanuatu president restates Christianity's standing

5:23 am on 11 July 2017

Vanuatu's new president Tallis Obed Moses says there is only one religion in the republic and it is Christianity.

Vanuatu’s new president Tallis Obed Moses

Vanuatu’s new president Tallis Obed Moses Photo: RNZI Len Garae

The president, who is also a Presbyterian Church pastor, made the statement to a packed church service in Port Vila.

He said the country's motto of 'Long God Yumi Stanap' simply meant that Vanuatu is a Christian nation.

He didn't elaborate his comment but our correspondent said it falls into line with the Vanuatu Christian Council's position that the freedom of worship clause in the constitution should be revisited to not allow other faiths to develop in Vanuatu.

The Daily Post Newspaper quoted the founder of the Muslim community in Vanuatu, Mohammed Siddiq Sambo of Mele Village, as saying there are at least 1,000 Muslims in the country.

The president called for constant praying by every leader beginning with members of parliament down, to enhance peace and unity throughout the country.