8 Jul 2017

Judge rejects Hawaii's bid to amend Trump travel ban

1:11 pm on 8 July 2017
The US District Court building in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The US District Court building in Honolulu, Hawaii. Photo: AFP

A judge in Hawaii has decided to leave in place the United States's rules regarding a so-called travel ban.

The US Supreme Court last month let the Trump administration's executive order banning people from six Muslim-majority countries for 90-days go forward, with a limited scope.

It allows anyone with a bona-fide relationship with a US person or entity into the country, but excludes grandparents.

The state had filed a motion in the US District Court seeking an intepretation of the ruling, hoping to include grandparents and other relatives.

But Judge Derrick Watson today rejected the motion, saying the Supreme Court was the proper place to deal with the issue.

Hawaii says it plans to appeal against the ruling.