27 Jun 2017

Calls for more focus on pest eradication in Pacific

3:46 pm on 27 June 2017

There are calls for pest eradication to feature more prominently in the development goals of Pacific countries because of the threat pests pose to livelihoods.


Rats Photo: 123RF

Getting rid of pests like rodents and cats as well as invasive plant species is a growing challenge in the Pacific region.

Auckland-based Pacific Invasives Initiative programme manager Souad Boudjelas said more political buy in was needed to deal with the threat.

She said eradication limited exposure to diseases and the potential impact on people's health and by removing pests like rats, there's less threat to crops like copra.

"We are still lacking the political will for invasive species management in the region, so there it ' about mainstreaming it into the development agenda as a priority as it does impact on communities."