21 Jun 2017

Unit Trust of Samoa to pay out record dividend

2:45 pm on 21 June 2017

Samoa's government-backed investment trust has announced a record dividend payout to investors.

The Unit Trust of Samoa chief executive Sa'u Justina Sa'u said investors would share in the end of year dividend of just over $US1.56m in July.

She said this included a $US400,000 dividend from a quarter share in the telecommunications company BlueSky Samoa.

Unit Trust of Samoa CEO, Sa'u Justina Sa'u

Unit Trust of Samoa CEO, Sa'u Justina Sa'u Photo: UTOS

Sa'u said the unit trust also has equity in the Tui Samoa submarine cable, lending for government projects including commercial real-estate in New Zealand, and a significant minority holding in Blue Sky Pacific.

She said this year's record payout will return 9% to investors.

"Individuals from all different levels of income. Those who only own 50 units," Sa'u said.

"We have unit holders who hold a hundred thousand. Quite a lot of church groups.

"You know the church, that's where the money is. And we have businesses. But they're all Samoan residents."