21 Jun 2017

Tahiti prosecution challenges Greig's acquittal

12:41 pm on 21 June 2017

The prosecution in French Polynesia has appealed the acquittal of a former minister Moana Greig, who two weeks ago was cleared in an alleged embezzlement case.

Mr Greig was the education minister in 2010 when he approved the dispensation from teaching duties of the mayor of Ua Pou for three years while he kept being paid his teaching salary.

French Polynesia's court building

French Polynesia's court building Photo: RNZI

The mayor Joseph Kaiha was in return tasked to carry out a education mission on his behalf.

Mr Kaiha failed to produce any evidence of his efforts when asked by audit staff to account for his work.

While the criminal court found there was inefficiency, it ruled it wasn't an abuse of funds and the two suspects were cleared.

Tahiti Nui TV said the appeal court would deal with the case in the coming months.