10 Jun 2017

A decade of publishing Pacific books

5:15 pm on 10 June 2017

A small New Zealand-based Pacific Island book publisher is celebrating being open for a decade, despite a highly competitive and overcrowded book market.

Little Island Press logo

Little Island Press logo Photo: RNZ Pacific

Little Island Press editor and co-owner, Tony Murrow, who has worked in the publishing industry for more than 20 years, said it had been a challenge as companies around him came and went.

"So you are talking about a very small community that is spread over vast areas. To make that work economically is a vast challenge and an immense challenge and how we do that is through social enterprise," he said.

He said the Pacific diaspora was so widespread over many small islands, but the demand for Pacific books was still there.

Mr Murrow said despite economic challenges, his firm remain committed to keeping it going.

"We do a lot of commercial work with quite significant companies and we take the funds from those projects and we put them into publishing books that we see as being a worthy outcome of that effort. "