7 Jun 2017

Fiji miners urged to protect environment

8:52 am on 7 June 2017

Quarry Operators and miners in Fiji have been urged to protect the environment.

The message was relayed to mining professionals at a workshop in Pacific Harbour by the permanent secretary for lands and mineral resources, Malakai Finau.

Mr Finau said the extractive industry, landowners and regulators all need to lift their game to protect Fiji's pristine environment.

He said in the past some operations had not been good enough with regards to protection of water courses, rivers and streams

"Whilst we all need and would benefit for the extraction of these materials for the construction of better roads and other infrastructure and also as part of modernizing our infrastructure, increasing economic activity for the Mining and Quarrying Sector, we should be also mindful of the environment we operate in and be champions of protecting it as well," Mr Finau said.