12 May 2017

Niue govt caucus agrees to back Sir Toke

5:31 am on 12 May 2017

Niue's government caucus has agreed to back Sir Toke Talagi as its nominee for Premier.

Opposition members will meet on Thursday to discuss a possible challenge to Sir Toke, who has been Premier for the past three administrations.

Local sources have confirmed the 20-seat legislature will meet on Friday morning Niue time to elect a Premier and a Speaker.

At a meeting earlier this week, the government caucus also agreed to re-nominate Togiavalu Pihigia as the speaker when the Assembly sits for the first time.

Among those who attended the meeting was O'Love Jacobsen who won the most votes for the common roll seats and had previously said she would try to become the premier.

A veteran opposition member Terry Coe, who got the second highest number of votes for the common roll seats, also says either he or a fellow member of the opposition will go for the island's premiership.