29 Apr 2017

Hawaii teachers back $US100m contract package

9:42 am on 29 April 2017

Teachers in Hawaii have voted overwhelmingly to support ratifying a new contract that will boost pay and aim to improve teaching practices.

Ninety-eight per cent of the nearly 8,000 members of the Hawaii State Teachers Association who cast ballots across the state voted for ratification.

Hawaii State Teachers Association logo

Hawaii State Teachers Association logo Photo: HSTA

The total compensation negotiated is worth just over $US100 million dollars over four years.

It means that public school teachers can expect a 13.6 per cent pay rise starting from July.

For one contract negotiator, Osa Tui, it provides some welcome relief for many teachers who often need a secondary job to be able to pay the bills.

"I'd say teachers are very satisfied with this settlement and that they are very happy that there is going to be some stability for the next four years with regards to their contract and pay," Mr Tui said.

"I have not seen teachers this positive about a settlement in a very long time."

Mr Tui said many teachers had voiced their support of the deal prior to the vote that took about nine months to negotiate, with many saying it has been a long time coming.

He said under the new deal, more support is also provided for English language learners.