3 Apr 2017

Secrecy over American Samoa court charges

11:15 am on 3 April 2017

American Samoa's District Court staff and the Attorney General's Office are keeping the charges and all court information involving the four guards and detainee of the Juvenile Detention Center arrested for breaking the law under wraps.

Our correspondent likened the move to a media blackout.

District Court staff told KHJ News that District Court Judge Fiti Sunia has instructed them not to release any court documents for the five defendants supposedly because they contain the names of juveniles.

Only KHJ News and Samoa News report on court news and they both abide by the rule that names of juveniles are not publicised.

Assistant Attorney General Woodrow Bengally said he was under orders from the Attorney General not to release any information to the media.

KHJ News could not say if the blackout on information about this case had anything to do with four of the defendants being police guards.