27 Mar 2017

Tahiti broadcaster rejects Flosse attack

3:53 pm on 27 March 2017

French Polynesia's broadcaster has issued a statement to support a journalist whom a leading political figure demanded to be sacked.

Gaston Flosse

Gaston Flosse Photo: AFP

Polynesie Premiere took the step after Gaston Flosse used his live appearance in the main evening news programme to call for the removal of the reporter over a story on its website.

He referred to Lucile Guichet by her initials and accused her of being a liar.

Flosse was angered by her report linking his support for Marine Le Pen's candidacy in next month's presidential election to support for her National Front.

He however insists his Tahoeraa Huiraatira party is only supporting Ms Le Pen and not her party.

Flosse was in the studio after being in the appeal court earlier in the day when his $US20,000 fine for taking publicly owned china and silverware was confirmed.

He said his party backed her because she was the only candidate in favour of his plan to make French Polynesia an associate state of France.

Flosse has been banned from holding office since 2014 because of a corruption conviction.

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