22 Mar 2017

Fiji MP wants Roads Authority changed

8:23 am on 22 March 2017

An Opposition MP in Fiji is calling for a review of the Fiji Roads Authority, saying the FRA lacks efficiency and doesn't use enough local contractors.

Mosese Bulitavu initially brought up his concerns in parliament saying the Authority was wasting taxpayer's money and didn't do a good job.

Mr Bulitavu said the former Public Works Department did a better job with a budget of ten times less than the FRA's nearly 290-million US allocation.

He said a lot of the money was also spent on hiring overseas contractors.

"This is the Fiji First Government, what they call themselves, but it seems that it's the 'Fiji Last'. The locals are not given the first chance, they are last to be considered, the expatriates are considered first," he said.

"A new body might be called for, one that was more controlled by the Ministry of Infrastructure than the one that was currently being used."