8 Mar 2017

Kiribati still discussing Romanov empire revival

7:55 am on 8 March 2017

The Russian businessman Anton Bakov says he's still having discussions with the government of Kiribati about leasing three islands on which to revive the long-dead Romanov empire.

Anton Bakov

Anton Bakov Photo: Public domain/ http://bakov.ru/

The government last month rejected Mr Bakov's proposal to lease the uninhabited islands so he could create what he called an 'alternative Russia.'

Mr Bakov, who's the leader of Russia's Monarchist Party and a former MP, had offered US$120 million to the Kiribati if it approved his plan.

In a statement, Mr Bakov said he is still in negotations with the Kiribati government and the matter is due to be debated in the April session of parliament.

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