6 Mar 2017

Micronesian startup's banana wallets gain attention

3:32 pm on 6 March 2017

A small Micronesian startup is attracting international attention with its vegan wallets and paper products made of banana fibre.

Banana wallet

Photo: Supplied/ Green Banana Paper

The company, Green Banana Paper, is based on the small island of Kosrae, which has a population of just over 6000.

Founder Matt Simpson said his goal was to create an environmentally-friendly company that also created jobs for the local community and farmers.

Mr Simpson said the company recycles banana trunks that farmers cut down after harvesting.

"So, I figured that I could help farmers earn some extra income and create something sustainable from a organic waste resource that is rapidly renewable."

Mr Simpson said banana fibre was an ideal material for a durable wallet as it is very strong and water-resistant.