3 Mar 2017

Attorney General unfazed by 'American Sonoma' label

12:30 pm on 3 March 2017

The American Samoa Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale feels for the White House staffer who labelled him the Attorney General from "American Sonoma".

Attorneys General in the US meet President Trump

Attorney Generals in the US meet President Trump Photo: supplied

The newspaper USA Today had asked the White House for a list of the Attorneys' General who met President Trump at the Oval Office this week.

The list the White House sent had Talauega Ale as the Attorney General of American Sonoma.

Talauega said it seemed like an innocent typo.

He said the White House visit was not planned until the day before, and it happened as the White House was gearing up for the President's address to Congress.

But he said it wasn't every day that someone from American Samoa visits the White House to meet with the President.