21 Feb 2017

Pacific Disability Forum's focus on more inclusive Pacific

10:04 am on 21 February 2017

The Pacific Disability Forum is meeting in Samoa this week to focus on building a more inclusive and equitable Pacific for people with disabilities.

Representatives from 19 Pacific countries and territories are attending the five-day conference in Apia.

The Pacific Disability Forum CEO Setareki Macanawai

The Pacific Disability Forum CEO Setareki Macanawai Photo: IISD

The forum's chief executive officer, Setareki Macanawai, said the conference will cover a diverse range of topics including climate change.

"When you talk about relocating a village, that's close to the coastal area, because of the rising sea-level, there will be people with disabilities in that village," Mr Macanawai said.

"Everything including climate change affects people with disabilities - I think sometimes we forget."

The conference will also discuss issues like education and employment.