Firefighter killed as torrential rains lash French Polynesia

5:59 pm on 18 February 2017

A firefighter in French Polynesia has died trying to clear debris in torrential rain that has hit the Society islands and the Tuamotus.

The incident occurred in Faa'a as Tahiti is again being hit by floods which have closed some roads and inundated shops.

The met service has issued an orange alert, advising the public to be vigilant and to stay clear of streams.

The French overseas minister Ericka Bareigts, who arrived today, was due to visit the people worst affected by the flooding last month when hundreds of houses were damaged or destroyed.

Her itinerary has however been changed and she was taken to the see the emergency response team.

Ms Bareigt is due to visit Ahe in the Tuamotus but the archipelago is being hit by winds gusting more than 100 kilometres an hour.

Eight people have been taken off the atoll of Nihiru where the severe weather has destroyed several homes.