30 Jan 2017

Papuan video advocacy faces regular pressure for permits

3:16 pm on 30 January 2017

A West Papuan video-based advocacy organisation says Indonesian security forces commonly demand that it show a permit to conduct its activities.

Papuan Voices

Photo: Supplied/ Papuan Voices

However, one of the filmmakers behind Papuan Voices says there's no legal requirement for a permit to shoot the type of videos they do.

Wensi Fatubun said Papuan Voices was established to help West Papuans tell their own stories about everyday issues such as struggles for education, saving the environment, equality and dignity.

He said they were routinely bothered by police and the military.

"They always ask to us, if we need to filming, we need a permit from the authorities, Indonesian authorities. No, why we need to? Because under Indonesian rule, filming people, we don't need a permit."

Wensi Fatubun said this was an example of the tight control exerted by Indonesia's military and police on Papuans.

Visit the Papuan Voices website.

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