13 Jan 2017

No further interviews on Nauru for resettlement in the US

4:08 pm on 13 January 2017

No further interviews for resettlement in the United States are being conducted on Nauru, according to the Refugee Action Coalition.

Australians protest against the Nauru detention centre

Australians protest against the Nauru detention centre Photo: AFP

This is despite Australia's claims the deal to resettle its refugees in the US still stands.

This comes after a US congressman, Brian Babin, told Fairfax media, this week, that the US president-elect Donald Trump would do everything in his power to halt a refugee deal with Australia.

The Australia-based Refugee Action Coalition says US officials on Nauru have stopped doing interviews.

Coalition spokesperson Ian Rintoul said the uncertainty was causing more anxiety.

"There are US officials at the moment on Nauru but there are no more interviews happening. There is no clear indication to the people who have already had interviews what the next follow up is going to be. So everytime there is a report of this kind which indicates that the US deal may not go ahead. It creates a very serious wave of anxiety and concern on people who thought there was a possibility of an outcome."

Protest on Nauru

Protest on Nauru Photo: Refugee Action Coalition

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