13 Jan 2017

Fiji policeman probed over gift by NZ couple

2:01 pm on 13 January 2017

A senior police officer in Fiji is being investigated after he allegedly received a vehicle worth US$26,000 from a New Zealand couple.

fiji police

Photo: Fiji Police

On Sunday, the officer-in-charge of an unspecified station told a radio programme that he helped a visiting New Zealand couple find documents when they complained about his officers.

The officer, who spoke of a church group he belonged to, said that he was offered a vehicle of his choice for taking the time to assist the couple.

He said he selected the lowest-price vehicle, saying the couple's gift was a blessing because he had been praying for a bigger vehicle so he could transport his church leader and his wife when they visited.

A police spokesperson has confirmed to the Fiji Times that the police commissioner has ordered an investigation into the admission.