29 Dec 2016

Fiji wardens sacked following rape of an inmate

12:51 pm on 29 December 2016

Two corrections service wardens in Fiji were sent home for the alleged rape of a female inmate.

Fiji Times reports the pair's work contracts were terminated after an internal investigation found them breaching their code of conduct.

It is alleged that the two raped the inmate while she was in custody at the centre last month.

The officers of the Corrections Department based at the Vaturekuka Centre in Labasa were sent home on the 17th of December.

Corrections deputy commissioner Joe Kulinidilo confirmed the allegation and disciplinary action was taken following results of the investigation.

"The investigations into this incident have been completed," he said.

"The relevant disciplinary action has been taken against two corrections personnel whose services were terminated on December 17, 2016."

"The matter is now being investigated by the police and they will pursue appropriate action as per the findings of their investigations."

Police earlier confirmed receiving a report of the allegation at the Labasa Police Station.

Although police spokesperson Ana Naisoro has yet to respond to questions for an update on the investigation, she said the alleged rape happened last month.

Fiji Times reports it is understood that CCTV footage showed an officer walking out from the inmate's cell.