12 Dec 2016

Tonga church to seek dialogue with LGBTI

8:13 pm on 12 December 2016

The President of the Tonga National Council of Churches has challenged its members to be more open to discussions with the LGBTI community.

Members of the community raised issues on their rights at a recent national consultation with church leaders and government MPs.

Tonga's Catholic Church leader Cardinal Soane Patita Mafi congratulated them for raising issues around acceptance of LGBTI people within the church.

Cardinal Mafi says more open discussions would improve understanding.

"Hopefully the more we talk these things out with some encouraging words with one another. But the basic essential thing is to make them feel accepted. They're valued in their dignity. They are persons created by God."

Tongan Wesleyan Church in Sydney.

Tongan Wesleyan Church in Sydney. Photo: Masaaki Ikeda Architecture