12 Dec 2016

PIANGO says Pacific civil society must have key role in SDGs

9:49 am on 12 December 2016

There is a call for Pacific governments to work in partnership with civil society if they want the Sustainable Development Goals to work.

The United Nations' SDGs have come into play this year, replacing the Millennium Development Goals which ended in 2015.

The executive director of the Pacific Islands Association of NGOs, or PIANGO, Emele Duituturaga, says if governments and civil society don't collaborate the new goals could go the way of the MDGs, which she says achieved little in the Pacific.

"So that tells that even if such an agreement is endorsed by government, unless civil society gets involved, holds government accountable, civil society contributing to the implementation and the reporting, we are not going to get very far."

The study gathered information at 96 high schools around New Zealand.

Sustainable Development Goals on UN agenda Photo: 123RF