10 Dec 2016

Vanuatu mini census extended

10:24 am on 10 December 2016

The head of the Vanuatu Statistics Office Simil Johnson said the country's mini-census is being extended for another two weeks.

Vanuatu Statistics Dept head Simil Johnson

Vanuatu Statistics Dept head Simil Johnson Photo: RNZI/ Heather Maraki

This is down to both poor weather and the refusal by some to take part.

Mr Johnson is appealing to people to respect the interviewers because the information collected is very important for any development in the country.

He is also asking the expatriate community to cooperate with the interviewers when they are asked questions.

Mr Johnson said there was some hindrance in parts of Tanna and Port Vila where people have refused to answer questions from the interviewers.

The census has been called a technological milestone for the Pacific.