Corruption increasing in Solomons says watchdog group

7:25 am on 8 December 2016

The chairperson of Transparency Solomon Islands says corruption continues to rise in the country despite increased efforts to combat it.

The comments come as several proposed anti-corruption laws, including freedom of information legislation, championed by Government had stalled just short of being passed on the floor of Parliament.

"There was greater awareness and increased reporting of corruption in the country both in mainstream and social media" said Ruth Liloqula of Transparency Solomon Islands

But she said this does not lead to any action being taken.

Miss Liloqula believes the passing of the various proposed anti-corruption laws would help make a difference and she was calling on parliamentarians to set aside their political differences and pass them.

"Corruption is the misuse and abuse of entrusted power for personal gain. Therefore it is the entrusted power of the people that we are now looking for to enact what the people who brought them into the Parliament would like to see done."

"These bills are not about particular leaders or institutions or any sector, it's about good governance."

On the Transparency International corruption index Solomon Islands scored 27 on a scale of 100, 100 being corruption free.

And Solomon Islands is the 120th least corrupt country out of 175 countries globally.