Solomons govt unveils $US256 million budget for 2017

8:51 pm on 5 December 2016

Social services, rural infrastructure and development are the targets of the Solomon Islands government's $US256 million [$SBD4.1 billion] budget for 2017.

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Photo: RNZI Koroi Hawkins

Announcing the budget in parliament today, the finance minister Snyder Rini said the government will focus on rural infrastructure development, with particular focus on energy and transport.

He said the aim of this was to improve access to markets.

He said the government remained committed to investing in the Tina hydro project on Guadalcanal.

Mr Rini also said the government was committed to reshaping the size of the public service to improve performance with limited public resources.

He also cautioned about a volatile global economic outlook and weak domestic demand.

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