25 Nov 2016

American Samoa monitors babies from Zika mums

6:35 am on 25 November 2016

The Department of Health and LBJ Hospital in American Samoa are closely monitoring babies born to mothers who had contracted the Zika virus during pregnancy.

The Director of Nursing at the Department, Margaret Sesepasara, who works with pregnant women diagnosed with the Zika virus, said they are the ones who they are most concerned with after the disease outbreak.

She said the babies of women diagnosed with Zika are being monitored carefully, for any signs of microcephaly, a condition linked to Zika, where an infant has a smaller than normally sized head.

Ms Seseapara said through their well baby clinics and home visits, the Department measures the babies' heads each month and is keeping track of their health.

She said, to date, all babies are healthy and exhibiting no signs of microcephaly.