18 Nov 2016

PNG women's advocate called troublemaker

8:52 am on 18 November 2016

A Papua New Guinea woman, who's established a service to help victims of gender based violence, says she's often the target of verbal abuse.

Joy Wartovo, set up Outreach Violence Desk on East New Britain in September, after suffering serious physical abuse at the hands of her former policeman husband.

Ms Wartovo said she's perceived as a trouble maker as she helps victims of domestic violence and child abuse understand their rights.

"They're throwing words at me calling me names, but I'm not worried about that. It's a challenge."

"I know I'm doing the right thing. I have to be strong and move on with what I'm doing to help the community become a safer place for everyone," she said

Joy Wartovo said she's planning an awareness campaign about child abuse this Sunday, which is Universal Childrens day.