3 Nov 2016

Refugees could be resettled in North America

8:52 pm on 3 November 2016

An Iranian refugee says his family has no future on Nauru and he'd happily go to North America under an Australian plan.

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Photo: 123RF

The Australian newspaper reports the plan to resettle almost all of the 1800 refugees detained on Nauru and Papua New Guinea's Manus Island could be announced by the end of the year

The refugee, Mojtaba Hamadoni, said he would be prepared to resettle in Canada.

"What about about New Zealand? Why not New Zealand? You cannot accept us? I want to move my family to any country. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, any country, America, Europe, I don't care just I want to go.

"You know I want to find a future. Canada? Very nice, very nice country. I like that. But this is not our choice. The first time we come, we came out there...Christmas Island and we planned we go Australia, not Nauru," he said.