27 Oct 2016

PNG opposition says Govt failure to free tuition fees hurting

7:29 am on 27 October 2016

The Papua New Guinea opposition leader says 3380 schools around the country are yet to be paid subsidies to cover free tuition.

Don Polye said since the Government announced the policy many more children have enrolled in PNG schools.

He said the schools are overcrowded and in some cases students have been sent home.

In other instances parents have been forced to come up with more money to pay the fees while the opposition leader said up to 70 percent of schools around the country are contemplating shutting their doors.

Mr Polye said while this was happening Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and his Education Minister say subsidies have been paid on time and in full.

He suggests the millions being allocated to prepare for the APEC summit meeting in 2018 should instead go into the education budget.