19 Oct 2016

Cannery and American Samoa Govt look at options

9:52 am on 19 October 2016

Tri Marine International, parent company of Samoa Tuna Processors, is working with American Samoa Government officials to determine what else can be done to mitigate any negative economic impacts from its reduced operations.

Samoa Tuna Processors announced recently that canning operations will be suspended indefinitely in December, potentially leading up to 800 workers losing their jobs.

The Governor's executive assistant Iulogologo Joseph Pereira told KHJ News they are looking at possible options, and government officials are contacting canneries which may be interested in taking over the local plant.

Samoa Tuna Processors chief Operating Officer Joe Hamby had informed the government that the global unfavourable economic environment and changing dynamics of its business prompted the decision "to stop its current financial haemorrhaging."

Tri Marine spokesperson Heidi Happonen said the company had not expected to see black numbers in its first year or two of operation because it was normal for any start-up company to initially lose money.

However she said the company had expected the losses at the cannery to be reduced, and eventually turned into profit as daily production increased.