17 Oct 2016

Tongan noble backs current appointment process

8:51 am on 17 October 2016

A Tongan noble MP says the current appointment process for top officials is the most independent procedure available in the country.

Lord Fusitua's comments come after Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva complained about progress being stymied by senior officials.

He said the Cabinet and king's Privy Council's responsibilities were not defined enough.

The government has said it needs to be able to have input in posts like the Police commissioner and Attorney General for the benefit of the people.

Tongan noble MP, Lord Fusitu'a

Lord Fusitu'a believes the current appointment process is the best Photo: twitter

Mr Pohiva also reportedly rejected the Privy Council's recent candidate for Anti-Corruption Commissioner, despite the law dictating that the royal body make the appointment.

But Lord Fusitu'a said the king has no self-interest in who is appointed to these posts, so the posts don't become politicised as they could under government proposals.

"My concern is whether this is a coincidence, that the particular posts that are seen as obstacles, are the ones that are appointed by His Majesty and council," he said.

"Their arguments that the day to day operations of these various offices are impacted by the fact that they are appointed by His Majesty and council, which strictly speaking on an operational level, doesn't make all that much sense."