13 Oct 2016

Cooks' Bishop facing more investigations

5:02 pm on 13 October 2016

A convicted former MP in the Cook Islands, Teina Bishop, is facing more investigations.

This time the Office of the Public Expenditure Review Committee and Audit is looking into the alleged sale of agricultural machinery meant for public use.

The Cook Islands News reported that Bishop was believed to have sold a tractor, rotary hoes and light machinery to a local within his Aitutaki constituency.

One Cook Islands Party leader Teina Bishop

One Cook Islands Party leader Teina Bishop Photo: Phillipa Webb / Cook Islands News

It said $US1.06 million worth of agriculture equipment from the Chinese government was split among the constituencies to foster agricultural production.

The PERCA office confirmed it was following up a complaint.

Earlier this year, Bishop was sentenced to 28 months jail on corruption related charges but remains on bail as he awaits an appeal on both his conviction and sentencing.