13 Oct 2016

American Samoa authorities not working on Fletcher extradition

4:53 pm on 13 October 2016
High Court in Fagatogo, American Samoa

High Court in Fagatogo, American Samoa. Photo: noaa

American Samoa's Attorney General says there's little involvement from the territory's authorities regarding negotiations for the extradition of murder suspect Dean Jay Fletcher to Tonga.

Talauega Eleasalo Ale said that as a US territory, American Samoa is part of an extradition treaty between the United States and Tonga.

He says there has been no direct contact between the Tongan authorities and his office and the extradition negotiations are between the US government and Tonga.

Dean Jay Fletcher

Dean Jay Fletcher taking a nap after arriving from Tonga in Pago Pago Photo: Tauva Esera

Talauega says the main concern regarding Fletcher's presence in the territory is that there's no harm done to the public while he is there.

Fletcher is wanted for the murder of his wife, and escaped from prison in Vava'u, and sailed to Pago Pago on his yacht.

He is being held without bail for illegally entering and attempting to leave.