11 Oct 2016

Former Fiji police boss to give evidence in trial

7:52 pm on 11 October 2016
Fiji Police Commissioner Ben Groenewald appointed in May 2014

Mr Groenewald is wanted to give evidence in a criminal trial. Photo: RNZI/ Sally Round

Attempts have been made to bring Fiji's former police commissioner, Ben Groenewald, back to Fiji to give evidence in a criminal trial.

The retired South African police veteran was in charge of Fiji's police from May 2014 until he resigned in November 2015, citing interference by the military among other issues.

Five men are accused of having assaulted Mr Groenwald as he tried to stop them robbing a restaurant in Suva in May last year.

They are alleged to have attacked him with a wine bottle when he asked them to leave.

Their lawyer has asked the Suva High Court to bring Mr Groenewald to Fiji to give evidence, however FBC reports that the judge, Salesi Temo, said it would be too expensive and he might be able to talk via video link.

The five are charged with four counts of aggravated robbery and one count of acting with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.