10 Oct 2016

American Samoa a step closer to 100 percent solar

3:04 pm on 10 October 2016

American Samoa is on track to remove diesel fuel generators, with the launch of a solar energy system in Manu'a.

Mike Langier

Mike Langier Photo: Monica Miller

The renewable energy project manager for the American Samoa Power Authority, Mike Langier, says the Ta'u solar project will supply 1.4 megawatts of power.

The system consists of solar photovaltaic panels, six hours of battery storage, and three back-up generators.

The solar project will provide 100 percent of Ta'u's power supply.

Mike Langier said all of Manu'a's power needs are generated from diesel powered generators and the new project will remove the need to cart diesel to the island

"We're doing it by 55 gallon drums, and it's not the cleanest method so when we reduce our diesel consumption to almost zero, at least for the generators, it's going to be pretty amazing."

Mr Langier said once the green projects are on line, customers should see a drop in their electricity bills.